From the black soldier fly larvae (Hermetia Illucens), MFC has used the most advanced centrifugal technology to extract high-quality fat for application in animal feed, aquatic feed, pet food, etc.

Animal Feed

Aquatic Feed

Pet Food

The high amount of lauric acid in Nutri BSF OIL has a strong antibacterial effect and also has the ability to kill many viruses and protozoa that cause disease, acting as a natural antibiotic that helps increase the effective resistance for pets.

Using Nutri BSF OIL in animal feed, aquatic feed and pet food aim to replace marine fish oil, help increase lauric acid content, improve feed quality.


NUTRI PANGA OIL is a product of pangasius oil made from pangasius by-products, used as raw materials for human, pet, aqua, and animal feed.

Animal Feed

Aquatic Feed

Pet Food

The input materials are carefully selected and controlled in combination with the local quick production process to ensure freshness, maintain nutritional quality, and reduce the risk of oil oxidation.

In the production process, oil is used a centrifugal system and oil purification system to ensure the quality of oil used as raw materials for human edible oil and to keep a stable quality during storage.

By using natural nutrients, NUTRI PANGA OIL will improve the feed formula by providing essential fatty acid energy such as DHA, EPA, etc. creating a beautiful shine and high attractiveness for food.


From salmon by-products, and thanks to advanced manufacturing technology, Nutri SALMON OIL product was created, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, used in animal feed, aquatic feed, pet food (no for human use).

Animal Feed

Aquatic Feed

Pet Food

The amount of unsaturated fatty acids in Nutri SALMON OIL brings very good effects for health, polyunsaturated fatty acids help reduce cholesterol preventing cardiovascular diseases for pets.

In addition, salmon oil also helps to improve the quality of the food pellets, creating a beautiful shine for the food pellets, helping to keep the nutritional content of the food insoluble in water.

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