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Food tastes and body weight

increased more than ever


Source of protein for premium seafood from nature with optimal biological value

The new, naturally occurring protein component is included in a special formulation to improve aquaculture productivity through:


  • High protein content, easy to digest and likely to attract.

  • The formation of bioactive peptides for fisheries has many potential uses, such as improving FCR and strengthening the immune system for shrimp and fish.

  • Process hygiene and safety, keeping the quality of the ingredients.

Improve Conversion Factor and Survival Rate

The study showed that, if adding 2.5% of BRF hydrolyzed chicken protein to the tilapia diet in the early stages, the average weight increased by 23% and the survival rate was 93% compared to the control group (The control group had a survival rate of 82%).

Increase the palatability of the food due to its higher enticing properties

The material has a very different attractiveness with a 30% free amino acid content and the hydrophobic content in the formula is minimized.

Diets with similar protein and energy levels were tested on Nile perch, comparing groups containing 5% fishmeal and 5% supplemented with hydrolyzed chicken protein. As a result, our chicken hydrolyzed protein product has shown a marked improvement in appetite.

Rich in protein and high in digestibility 

  • The product contains at least 70% crude protein, easily added to the formula, can replace fish meal.

  • Abundant di- and tri-peptide content helps pets better absorb (minimum digestibility is 95% with pepsin 0.002%).

  • The strict inspection process, eliminating the majority of mineral substances. Due to the low ash content, the protein in the material is more concentrated.

Digestive protein


  1. Di- and Tripeptide

  2. Oligopeptide

  3. Free Amino Acid

Absorb nutrients improve significantly

The nutritional composition of the product is suitable for the animal's amino acid needs, reducing its dependence on synthetic amino acids. The proportion of balanced amino acids and highly bioactive peptides gives:

  • Higher absorption rates, lower energy requirements for protein metabolism lead to better food conversion.

  • Protein absorption potential: peptide absorption rate is 10 times higher.

  • The energy required to absorb a free amino acid is equivalent to di- or tri-peptide receptor energy.

  • Many di- and tri-peptides have antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

Environmental protection and water quality

  • Due to the high digestibility of protein, animals are more absorbable. This reduces manure emissions and maintains the quality of the water environment.

  • Low phosphorus content in the product also minimizes the risk of eutrophication in ponds and lakes.

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