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Nutrition Additives

Antioxidant plant-based addditives richs in polyphenol, and from citrus extracts with antimicrobial properties help improve gut health, enhance animal body immunity

Environment and Water Treatment

Extracts from Yucca schidigera and other plants rich in Saponin help reduce ammonia amount in fish and shrimp pond, and control odor from animal wastes.

Coccidiosis Risk Control

Natural extracts from plants rich in Saponin cthat act preventively against coccidiosis risk on Poultry, rabbit, calves, aquaculture without interference in other treatment products (vaccines, synthetic anticoccidal...)

Feed Intake & Palatability

Plant extracts improve palatability , increase feed intake, therefore improve animal body weight and performance.


Probiotic strains such as Lactic, Bacillusand to restore and maintain intestinal microflora balance, as well as nutrient competition with harmful microorganisms, enhance the agut immune system and improve gut health

Pest Control

Lemon grass and clove extracts.. has repellent properties on red mites, flies, mosquitoes..., protect animal health and welfare. 

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