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FERTILY is the standard soil renovating organic microbial fertilizer from Black Soldier Fly Larva's excreta with high nutrient value and various eco-friendly features.

Fertily larva_flyer_Vi-edit-03.png

Maintain healthy growth 
Increase plant productivity

Fertily larva_flyer_Vi-edit-04.png

Renovate soil 
sustainably and safely

Fertily larva_flyer_Vi-edit-05.png

Improve soil
microbial ecosystem

FERTILY brings a sustainable and safe solution for nurturing stably plant and ensure optimal growth for many crops. Especially, when releasing in the soil, they do not pollute and cause harmful effects on soil.

FERTILY helps increase productivity and quality of agricultural products. The application of FERTILY results in broader leaf, healthy root and well growth fruit, increasing pest self - protection.

Million of microorganisms in FERTILY have positive effects in fixing and synthesizing beneficial organic compounds for plant growth and soil ecosystem improvement.



From  Black Soldier Fly Larva (Hermetia Illucens), MFC uses the most advanced centrifugal technology to separate the high quality fats for animal feed, aquaculture feed and pet food production.

Nutri BSF Oil_Flyer -vi-edit-03.png

Animal feed

Nutri BSF Oil_Flyer -vi-edit-04.png

Aquaculture feed

Nutri BSF Oil_Flyer -vi-edit-05.png

Pet food

High lauric acid content contributes to Nutri BSF Oil's strong antibacterial capability as well as the inhibition of pathogenous viruses and protozoans. Therefore, lauric acid acts as a natural antibiotic and plays a significant role in improving animal immunity system. 

By coating animal and aquaculture feed with Nutri BSF Oil, it helps increase fat content, improve the sensory quality of feed pellets, hence increase animal feed intake. Nutri BSF Oil is therefore an effective replacement  of fish oil and other feed coating fats.



From Black Soldier Fly Larva (Hermetia Illucen), MFC has used advanced enzymatic hydrolysis technology to produce NUTRIFLY protein hydrolysate with optimal nutrition protile for animal feed, aquaculture feed and pet food.

BSF flyer _ việt _edit-07.png

Optimize bioavailability, 
reduce FCR

BSF flyer _ việt _edit-08.png

A perfect replacement 
for fish meal

BSF flyer _ việt _edit-09.png

Increase animal 

A high rate of digestible protein and a huge content of bioactive peptides in NUTRIFLY maximize nutrient adsorption, hence shorten digestion duration and optimize the use of nutrients.

NUTRIFLY contains a balanced amount of essential amino acids, especially methionine and lysine, with high standardization level, strict raw material selection process and production control which meet European standards in order to maintain optimal nutritional quality. 

Many bioactive peptides have positive effects on animal organisms which moducate metabolism, increase immunity, improve animal health to overcome diseases, stress and increase survival rate.

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